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If I have excess whipping cream or half & half can I freeze it?

Yes, it is possible. The appearance and texture of the cream may be slightly altered though upon thawing. When cream is frozen, the proteins in it are destabilized, and small white flecks may appear in the cream in a process known as feathering. This change is especially noticeable when the thawed cream is used in coffee. The heat and acidity of the coffee enhance this feathering. Though a slightly granular texture may be present after thawing, the cream is still edible and great for cooking.

This is just a general guideline for freezing cream. Because every freezer has different temperatures and environments, all results may not be exactly the same. The freshness of the cream when it is frozen is also extremely important. The fresher the cream is when frozen, the better the results. If you know upon purchasing that you will not be able to use all of the cream, we recommend freezing a portion of it then and there. If you freeze cream towards the end of its shelf life, you may have more inconsistencies in flavor and texture. 


At Snowville Creamery, our core philosophy, to maintain the principles and values of sustainability and waste-minimization in everything we do, drives our choices.  Paper is a renewable resource. Adding a plastic screw top would only add additional fossil fuel petroleum-based plastics and total packaging...

Our milk is in your local grocery stores within two days of packaging. The “use by” date branded on our milk cartons is 14 days from the time of packaging, but don’t be surprised if it lasts as long as 20 days with proper refrigeration under 40 degrees F. Because our milk is not homogenized, the cream...

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