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We are the maiden, and the maiden is us.
Long may she pour.

SnowvilleCircle Maid 3 Color.png

Snowville Creamery's Maiden is a polarizing figure, to be sure. Most recognize her, many love her, and few truly dislike her. But to us, she represents everything near and dear to our hearts.


Snowville is a woman-owned company that has overcome great odds by facing everyday hurdles with a unique combination of grit and grace. Every single day, we look past to the glean tried-and-true methods of helping humanely treated cows produce the finest quality milk.

At the same time, we're continually looking forward in order to develop new and better ways of getting the freshest product to our customers in the fastest way possible. And we approach everything we do with a servant's heart, always working to ensure we fairly compensate our farmers, support our community, and give our customers the absolute finest dairy products we can possibly make.

We are strong. We work hard. We're proud of and passionate about the work we do. And we're humble that we have been given the opportunity to make a difference to people and the planet. Our roots dig deep; our vision rises high.

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