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How long does Snowville Creamery milk or yogurt stay fresh?

Our milk is super fresh! The “use by” date stamped on the milk cartons is 14 days from the time of packaging, but don’t be surprised if it lasts longer than that with proper refrigeration.

Because our milk is not homogenized, the cream naturally rises to the top. You may notice small lumps of sweet cream in your milk as the date on the carton draws near.

Yes, it is possible. The appearance and texture of the cream may be slightly altered though upon thawing. When cream is frozen, the proteins in it are destabilized, and small white flecks may appear in the cream in a process known as feathering. This change is especially noticeable when the thawed...

At Snowville Creamery, our core philosophy, to maintain the principles and values of sustainability and waste-minimization in everything we do, drives our choices.  Paper is a renewable resource. Adding a plastic screw top would only add additional fossil fuel petroleum-based plastics and total packaging...

Snowville Creamery's products are better for the cows, better for the planet, and better for you.


Want to learn more about Snowville's sustainability and animal welfare practices?

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