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Why don't you add a screw top lid to your cartons?

At Snowville Creamery, our core philosophy, to maintain the principles and values of sustainability and waste-minimization in everything we do, drives our choices.  Paper is a renewable resource. Adding a plastic screw top would only add additional fossil fuel petroleum-based plastics and total packaging waste to the environment. In addition, the change to screw-top containers would involve capital and recurring costs which would end up adding about 10-15% to the shelf price of our milk. To put it simply, we do not believe this extra cost translates to equivalent value to our customers.  

Our milk is in your local grocery stores within two days of packaging. The “use by” date branded on our milk cartons is 14 days from the time of packaging, but don’t be surprised if it lasts as long as 20 days with proper refrigeration under 40 degrees F. Because our milk is not homogenized, the cream...

We say “shake before enjoying”, and the best way to give it a good shaking is before the carton is opened for the very first time in your kitchen. After that, the best way to stir up the contents, whether cream on the top or cocoa on the bottom, is by pinching the top closed at its center and swirl the...

Snowville Creamery's products are better for the cows, better for the planet, and better for you.


Want to learn more about Snowville's sustainability and animal welfare practices?

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