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10 Ways to Enjoy Chocolate Milk

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Chocolate: the food of the gods. Over 3,000 years ago, the Maya, Toltec, and Aztec people were preparing cocoa drinks. The cocoa bean was so valuable that they used them as currency. The Spaniards brought cocoa home, making vanilla and cinnamon-infused drinks, and chocolate took off across the world.

Chocolate milk isn't only a delicious treat. You can use it as a post-workout recovery drink. It's loaded with protein, calcium, and vitamin D along with electrolytes.

The protein in chocolate milk can supercharge endurance and increase muscle mass. The protein itself can have a direct impact in building muscle and the ability to exercise longer will double your efforts. There's also evidence that chocolate milk may be more effective than sports drinks to aid recovery.

Snowville's chocolate milk is an indulgence straight from the bottle, but we've got a few ideas on other ways to mix things up or add a dose of luxury to the ordinary.


#1. Chocolate Pancakes or Waffles

A perfect treat for your partner on Valentine's Day morning, or a special breakfast the kids will be sure to love. Find your favorite pancake mix and substitute regular milk with chocolate milk. If you have a waffle iron, you can do the same to make crispy, decadent waffles. Don't forget to prepare some whipped cream with Snowville's heavy whipping cream and top with fruit, like blueberries or strawberries, and maybe a drizzle of honey or chocolate syrup.

#2. Frozen Treats

This one could be fun for the kids, too! Use an ice cube tray or a popsicle mold and pour some chocolate milk into it. Freeze until it's ready! These ice cubes work great in fancy drinks, too! Want to up your drink ice cubes? Put bits of crushed chocolate cookies in the chocolate milk for a double-chocolate cookies and cream treat!

#3. Rich Mocha

Going together with the gourmet ice cubes, mix chocolate milk with your favorite coffee for a morning pick-me-up that will make you feel like a million bucks all day. Besides fancy ice cubes, you can jazz it up even further by adding vanilla, whipped cream, and other toppings.

#4. Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie

If you've got a blender, you'll love this! Mix Snowville's chocolate milk with a bit of ice and your favorite peanut butter and blend! You can top it with whipped cream, add chocolate syrup, or crushed peanut butter cups. Even better, mix the crushed peanut butter cups into the mix!

Don't have a blender or the time? You can cheat by taking a small swig of the chocolate milk right out of the pint and adding a bit of peanut butter powder. If you want the icy experience, pre-freeze your pint just long enough to make it a slushy before adding the peanut butter powder.

#5. Chocolate Covered Fruit Drink

Desert in a glass! This one also works best with a blender. Combine chocolate milk with fruit or fruit juice. Make that chocolate-covered strawberry or cherry cordial portable or serve as a dessert drink.

#6. In Your Cereal

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but have you ever tried pouring Snowville Chocolate milk onto your cereal? This works best with less-sweet cereals like crisp rice or cinnamon cereals. Try it for a crunchy morning (or any time of day!) treat.

#7. Mayan Chocolate

We mentioned before that cocoa drinks have been around for a long time. While not traditionally made with milk, using Snowville chocolate milk adds a creamier texture and flavor for modern tastes. Just mix chocolate milk with cinnamon and a bit of spicy cayenne pepper for a touch of ancient luxury!

#8. In Tea

We previously wrote an article about adding milk to hot teas. One delicious option is to mix chocolate milk with tea! From making a chocolate mint tea latte or complementing the complex spices of chai with the sweetness of chocolate, it's worth experimenting with if you're a fan of fancy tea drinks.

#9. Double Chocolate Pudding

A fun treat to make with the kids. Swap out the milk in your favorite pudding for chocolate milk! Add crushed up cookies and gummy worms to chocolate pudding made with chocolate milk for a triple chocolate dirt and worms! Mix with whipped cream to create a mousse that's easy and sure to get noticed at potlucks and dinner parties.

#10. With... Chicken?

Hear us out. Some people recommend using chocolate milk as a base for cooking chicken. With jalapenos and chili powder, its Mexican roots inspire this dish. There are several recipes to be found online, but here's one from the Seattle Times.

The Wrap Up

On its own, Snowville chocolate milk is a treat that's sure to go fast. But if you want a dash of more luxury in your recipes or everyday foods, it may be just the ticket to taking your dishes to the next level.

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