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Top 5 Best Hot Teas with Milk

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

January is National Hot Tea Month, and to celebrate, we wanted to sing out some fantastic flavors that pair well with milk or heavy whipping cream. So, grab your favorite mug, find a cozy spot, and we'll explore the amazing tastes and benefits of this classic drink.

Catch Those Catechins: Benefits of Dairy in Tea

Did you know tea leaves contain antioxidants called catechins? Science Direct defines catechins as a type of phenolic compound very abundant in tea, cocoa, and berries, to which are ascribed a potent antioxidant activity, especially to epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). According to Healthline, EGCG may benefit by reducing inflammation, aiding weight loss, and preventing certain chronic diseases.

Some may worry that milk with bind with catechins, but studies show this doesn't prevent absorption. Polyphenols last longer when bound with protein, increasing bioavailability and stability. So, you not only get those antioxidants but also the benefits of milk, too! Even better if you enjoy with a higher fat, minimally processed dairy like Snowville Creamery's whole milk or heavy whipping cream to get the maximum advantage!

Cultures have been putting milk, sometimes butter, into tea for a long time. Milk + tea is an ancient energy drink with its mix of fat, proteins, salaries, and sometimes caffeine. In varieties without caffeine, milk can be a soothing addition. Whether it's seizing the day ahead, a midday perk, or a comforting wind-down, feel confident in your choice to add Snowville Creamery to your favorite teas!

Without further ado, here are the top five hot teas you'll want to try with milk!


#1 - Black Tea

The classic tea to enjoy with dairy, most people think black tea. Creamy milk (and perhaps something to sweeten it) gracefully offsets the bitter flavors. It has a fair amount of caffeine content, so this makes a superb choice to start your day. There are lots of kinds, so you'll never be short on flavor options!

#2 - Chai Tea

Bursting with aromatic spices such as cardamom, clove, cinnamon, and often ginger, many celebrate chai tea for its anti-inflammatory properties. It's usually made with black tea, but other types, like chai rooibos or oolong, exist. Adding Snowville's easier-to-digest milk will only enhance the tummy-friendly benefits of chai!

#3 - Rooibos Tea

If you're trying to cut caffeine or looking for a choice to sip while curled up with your favorite book, look to rooibos tea. Rich in antioxidants, rooibos is full-bodied and, besides milk or cream, pairs wonderfully with vanilla for a sweet aftertaste.

#4 - Peppermint Tea

Speaking of nightcap teas, peppermint is cool, calming, and delicious when paired with milk. For variety, make your peppermint tea latte a touch more special with honey to sweeten, vanilla, or a splash of Snowville's decadent chocolate milk for a mint chocolate indulgence.

#5 - Chamomile Tea

If you're looking for something to help you really relax, try a mug of warm chamomile and milk. This herbal classic is strong enough that it can handle the creaminess of milk. Add a hint of spices like cinnamon or sweet add-ins like honey and vanilla. You'll be melting into bed in no time.

Wrap Up

When it comes to tea, there aren't any official rules. You can experiment with adding milk or heavy cream to any tea. The options out there are endless.

What are your favorite varieties of tea to put milk in? Did we miss any?

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Darla J
Darla J
Jan 24, 2023

Don’t forget the classic tea and milk/cream - Earl Grey!!

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