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The A2 Difference

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Milk is milk, right?  Well, kind of...

You may know that milk is made up of many different components:  protein, fat, water, etc., but did you know that the genetics of the cow making the milk affects the type of protein it has?  Here's the deal...

There are two types of beta-casein protein that can be produced in cow's milk - A1 & A2.   A couple thousand years ago, all cows had A2 genetics, so they made milk with A2 protein.  Then farmers started breeding cows for increased milk production (think big black and white Holstein cows), leading to milk containing predominantly A1 protein.  Most milk on store shelves today contains A1 protein.

​The kicker is, humans produce A2 protein in their milk, so our bodies are naturally acclimated to recognize and properly digest A2 cow's milk.  To the contrary, when we drink milk with A1 protein in it, our bodies treat it as a toxin, and immediately begin working to remove it through inflammation, digestive upset, eczema, etc. - symptoms similar to those experienced with lactose intolerance.  Many people that think they have lactose intolerance, may in fact be experiencing A1 protein intolerance.

The good news is, Snowville milk is tested to ensure it ONLY contains the easier to digest A2 protein.  Our farmers selectively breed their cows to have A2/A2 genetics.  Cows that typically have A2 genetics are breeds like Jersey and Guernsey.  ​

So what’s this mean for you?  Well, it means you can drink milk again without the side effects you may have experienced with conventional A1 milk.  It means you can rest assured that Snowville is always looking to improve and evolve our products to be the best, and healthiest they can be for you and your family.  We're proud to be your local source for premium, 100% A2 milk.



For more information on the A2 difference, check these out:

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Tim Miller
Tim Miller
25 févr. 2022

Milk is Wonderful, Good to drink every day a glass full. Every season drink a glass full.

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