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Cheese Crisps in 10 Delicious Ways

Cheesy, crunchy cheddar crisps are a satisfying and healthful snack. They're also incredibly diverse!

If you're new to cheddar crisps and not sure how to use them, it's okay! We've got several suggestions here. If you've not heard of them before, they are small, cracker-like pieces of cheese, toasted to perfection. Snowville Creamery's cheddar crisps contain nothing except our cheese baked into savory bites. They are a clear win for any cheese lover!

Why Cheddar Crisps?

Cheese crisps have been picking up notice lately, and you may wonder what the craze is about. One reason is they are easy to fit into most diets. Cheddar crisps are a staple for anyone on the ketogenic diet, as they are extremely low carb. They can be an excellent stand-in for that snacky crunch when cravings hit or in recipes where you might find bread or carbs.

Even if you're not cutting your carbohydrates to the keto levels of typically 20 grams or less, this means it has relatively little impact on blood glucose, meaning they're a great choice for diabetics or anyone watching sugar. They're also gluten-free, giving another option for those who don't tolderate gluten in their snacks or recipes.

Since Snowville's cheddar crisps are made from nothing but cheese, they're a good source of protein. This can help you stay fuller longer and will be way more satisfying than starchy snacks like potato chips.

Best of all, crisps are portable! Toss a few in your child's lunchbox or keep a bag in your purse for when cravings strike. They don't need refrigeration and stay fresh in their resealable pouch.

Now that we've got you hungry, here are 10 ways you can enjoy cheddar crisps other than straight out of the bag.


#1. In Meatballs

Snowville’s cheddar crisps make a great substitute or addition to bread crumbs in your favorite meatball recipe! Replace the breadcrumbs altogether for a low sugar, gluten-free, and keto friendly way that’s sure to satisfy, or just throw them into your usual mix if you just want the added cheesy goodness!

#2. As a Crispy Coating to Meats

Cheddar crusted chicken, anyone? Pulverize cheddar crisps in a big zipper bag, toss the meat inside, remove, and bake. You can add in other ingredients to make it stick better as needed and other seasonings like ranch flavoring and bacon bits for a chicken bacon ranch bake.

#3. As A Nacho Alternative

Taco Tuesday anytime, even if you’re trying to avoid the carbs in tortilla chips or just want a cheesy version of a classic! Dip cheddar crisps in guacamole, salsa, or fresh-made Pico de Gallo! It’s a simple but delicious and easy twist to a snack time or party favorite!

#4. Shook Up with Flavors

Another no-frills hack! At the grocery store, you can find flavored powders, often sold for popcorn. Put it in a pouch of cheddar crisps, seal the pouch, and give it a shake! The flavorings vary, but some of these have no carbohydrates if that’s a concern, and can offer a great alternative to a flavored chip with no guilt! And with so many flavor options available, this makes a bag of crisps versatile to whatever you’re craving.

#5. On Top of Soups

Crackers, move aside! Top your favorite soups with Snowville Creamery cheddar crisps! These crunchy bits stay crispy in soup until the very end, unlike crackers that get soggy. These add a touch of gourmet to your bowl of comfort food!

#6. On Top of Mac-N-Cheese or Casseroles

With macaroni and cheese, you can never have enough cheese. Crumble cheddar crisps on the top and bake it to give it that slight crunch often had with breadcrumbs or crackers. This works well with any casserole that could use a crunchy topping. Add an extra bit of gooey cheese by shredding Snowville’s Raw Milk White Cheddar with it, too!

#7. As a Salad Topper

Here’s a trend even restaurants are picking up on: cheddar crisps on top of salads! These are especially great as part of a Caesar salad but can work with about any flavor combination. Use in addition to croutons or as a replacement if you’re reducing carbs.

#8. In a Sandwich

You’ve heard of fries or chips in a sandwich, but what about cheddar crisps? The added crunch will boost the sandwich’s complex texture, and you can almost never go wrong with cheese on a sandwich. Be it a hot sandwich like a sub, hamburger, or even a fancy hot dog or a cold cut favorite, cheese crisps are sure to add a fun twist.

#9. On Your Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards, those delicious spreads of meat, olives, crackers, and cheese. Adding cheddar crisps to the spread is an easy decision. They combine the crispy crackers and cheese and are tasty topped with olives and meats.

#10. On the Most EPIC Baked Potato

On its own, Snowville chocolate milk is a treat that's sure to go fast. But if you want a dash of more luxury in your recipes or everyday foods, it may be just the ticket to taking your dishes to the next level.

Wrap Up

Inspiration abounds on places to utilize Snowville Creamery's crunchy, cheesy Cheddar Crisps. You can find them at your local retailer or have them shipped right to your door by visiting in our online store. Want to keep it coming? You can sign up for weekly or montly subscriptions for both our cheese crisps and cheese, so you'll never run out!

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