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10 No Lac Jack & No Lac Pepper Jack Recipes

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Inspiration for Snowville Creamery's Newest Cheeses!

Banner with white shredded cheese that says "Snowville Creamery 10 No Lac Jack & No Lac Pepper Jack Recipes"

Snowville Creamery’s No Lac Jack and No Lac Pepper Jack yogurt cheeses are here! Creamy and melty, these cheeses contain yogurt cultures that are great for digestion. They’re also lactose free!

We’re here to give you some inspiration for our delicious cheeses! While not all of these recipes may be lactose free, some will be. Let’s get into it!

No Lac Jack Recipes

Jack and Bacon Souffle

Cheese and bacon lovers jump for joy! This easy souffle recipe includes Snowville's No Lac Jack cheeses, plus Mozzarella, and cottage cheese! You’ll also need milk, flour, eggs, butter. (Learn to make your own butter here!) And, of course, don’t forget the BACON!

Jack & Bacon Soufflé Recipe Card

Chiles Rellenos Bake

Perfect cut into pieces at a party or for gatherings, this Chiles Rellenos Bake is a crowd-pleaser! It features both our No Lac Jack Cheese and Cheddar Cheese. You’ll also need Chiles, eggs, a bit of Snowville Creamery’s Reduced Fat Milk, and all-purpose flour. Top it off with Snowville Creamery’s Crème Fraiche or pico de gallo!

Recipe Card for Chiles Rellenos Bake

No Lac Jack Shrimp

This recipe is lactose free and has a low carb option! For this delicious dinner, you’ll need butter, shrimp, garlic, white wine or chicken broth, parsley, and of course Snowville Creamery’s No Lac Jack Cheese! You can serve this over Linguine (or rice!) or as-is.

Recipe Card for No Lac Jack Shrimp

Southwest Ravioli

A new spin on a classic favorite! This takes ravioli and makes it in a new way and has lots of options for adjusting to your taste. You’ll need beef or cheese ravioli, enchilada sauce, salsa, and Snowville Creamery’s No Lac Jack cheese! If you use beef ravioli, this becomes a lactose free option!

Recipe Card for Southwest Ravioli

Hawaiian Casserole

Pineapple on pizza? No matter where you fall on the debate, you will love this casserole that takes inspiration from that ham and pineapple combo. Quick, easy, and perfect for whenever you have leftover ham from a dinner, this cheesy bake combines ham, pineapple, and peas into a cheesy cream of chicken mix.

Recipe Card for Hawaiian Casserole

No Lac Jack Recipes

Pepper Jack & Chili Mac

This one can be made without lactose! You’ll need some extra-lean ground beef, kidney beans, tomato sauce, chili powder, salsa, and elbow macaroni. And of course, that gooey No Lac Pepper Jack Cheese for the perfect topper! Top with Crème Fraiche (if you’re okay with some lactose) or some cilantro!

Recipe Card for Pepper Jack Chili Mac

Pepper Jack Stix

Simple and delightful, melty cheese sticks are the perfect finger food! Prepping these can be fun for the kids to get involved. (Though we recommend an adult for the frying or baking part.) You can fry these crispy golden brown or bake them, which tastes just as great! You’ll just need Snowville Creamery No Lac Pepper Jack cheese, flour, eggs, and panko breadcrumbs.

Recipe Card for Pepper Jack Stix

Pepper Jack Mac & Cheese

We’re about to introduce to you the best Mac & Cheese! Made with Snowville Creamery’s White Cheddar and No Lac Pepper Jack, plus cream cheese, this recipe has a tint of sweet with the zing of cheddar and pepper jack! Add smoked paprika, dried parsley, red pepper flakes, onion powder, and good old salt and pepper, and you’ve got a new take on a classic!

Recipe Card for Pepper Jack Mac & Cheese

Mexi-Corn Pepper Jack Casserole

This recipe is easy to put together on a school or work night! Featuring beef, corn, and salsa, it hits the classic Mexican trio that most everyone loves! Our Snowville Creamery Crème Fraiche gives it a creamy tang that will have you melting as much as our gooey No Lac Pepper Jack in this dish!

Recipe Card for Mexi-Corn Pepper Jack Casserole

Pepper Jack Pimento Cheese

This last recipe requires no cooking or baking and is so versatile, you’ll want to make it all the time! This pimento cheese spread features, of course, Snowville’s White Cheddar and No Lac Pepper Jack Cheeses. The cream cheese gives it that jalapeno popper flavor with a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce for a hint of smokiness. You can spread this on buttered bread for an amazing grilled cheese sandwich, put on your burgers, or stuff it in jalapenos or mushrooms and bake to gooey perfection! Provided nobody grabs the crackers and devours it right away!

Recipe Card for Pepper Jack Pimento Cheese

The Wrap Up

Snowville Creamery’s melty No Lac Jack and No Lac Pepper Jack cheeses are so versatile and make the perfect addition to so many fabulous recipes! We hope we inspired some delicious new favorites for meals and snacks alike! Do you have other ways you love to use our cheeses? We’d love to try them! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram! Find these products and more with our online store locator, or order cheese online, and we’ll ship it to you!

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