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Do the cows producing Snowville Creamery milk eat any grain?

Snowville’s farmers are always concerned with the health and safety of their cows, and a major part of this means making sure they fulfill their cows’ dietary needs. Quite often, especially during the winter, foraging on grass alone is not enough energy to sustain a lactating cow. To help alleviate this energy deficit, our farmers give their herd a customized ration of feed that is a combination of grains and legumes twice daily during milking in the parlor. Almost nine years ago, Snowville’s farmers were feeding their cows 15 pounds of grain per day. Today they feed only 10 pounds per cow per day. 

The vast majority of our farmers do not tend their dairy pastures with herbicides and none with pesticides. Most of our farmers prefer mowing as a form of weed management. Their sustainable farming methods of rotating and resting the land promote health maintenance for both the cows and...

All Grade A milk must test negative for the presence of antibiotics before going to market as required by law. In the instance that a cow is sick and advised by a veterinarian to be treated with antibiotics, she is tagged and her milk is taken separately and discarded. The milk from a cow that has been...

Snowville Creamery's products are better for the cows, better for the planet, and better for you.


Want to learn more about Snowville's sustainability and animal welfare practices?

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