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The Crème of the Crop

Sour Cream VS Crème Fraîche

A picture of a spoon with cream over a cream background with text that says "The Creme of the Crop. Sour Cream VS Creme Fraiche"

Sour cream and crème fraîche at first glance may seem like the same thing. Some may not even know what crème fraîche is or haven’t heard of it. Let’s dive right into what these two creamy condiments are, how they differ, and we’ll top it off with three amazing recipes!

A Tale of Two Creams

So, what is crème fraîche and sour cream?

Sour cream is the one most people know about, popularized by many Mexican dishes. It’s easy to find at most grocery stores. Developed in Eastern Europe, the early version was cream that went sour due to bacteria that produced lactic acid. When low-fat fads hit in the 1950s, manufacturers added more ingredients to get it to the right consistency.

Crème fraîche, which is French for “Fresh Cream”, is cultured cream. It’s more stable than sour cream (more on that in a bit) and is versatile because of it. You can replace sour cream with crème fraîche, but beware of using sour cream where crème fraîche is called for, since heat can break sour cream.

Three Differences

Here are three defining differences between these two creamy competitors.

Difference 1: Fat Content

One of the biggest differences between sour cream and crème fraîche is the fat content. Crème fraîche has a higher fat content of about 30% whereas sour cream has a minimum of 18%. This fat difference is part of why sour cream breaks in heat. It’s best used as a topping after the food is done, rather than in baking or as a thickener in sauces and soups because sour cream curdles. Meanwhile, Crème fraîche, is great as a cool topper, just like sour cream, but also is a baker’s best-kept secret.

Difference 2: Ingredients

Besides the fat content, other ingredients change between the two. Snowville Creamery’s crème fraîche, for example, contains only cream and cultures. Sour cream, on the other hand, often has additives put in it to keep it a thicker, less runny consistency. Those additives include things like gelatin, rennin, and vegetable enzymes.

Difference 3: Flavor

Flavor is the most important part, right? Both are similar, but side-by-side, they have some differences. Sour cream is more acidic, sour (like its name says), and tangier. Crème fraîche is prized for its less acidic, richer, and creamier flavor. It’s mild enough that it blends perfectly with scrambled eggs for the best breakfast you’ve ever had.

Recipe Ideas

Hungry to give crème fraîche a try? Or maybe you’re already in love with it and looking for a new way to use it. Either way, here’s three bonus recipes that make use of our crème fraîche that we promise you’ll be hooked on.

A picture of southwest dip

This dip is one we love to make for events and uses Double Comfort of the Soul products and recommended with Shagbark Cornbread Minis. If you decide to swap out ingredients, we’re sure you’ll still love to make this your next favorite party dip.

A picture of Victoria's Creme Fraiche Coffee Cake

Victoria’s Crème Fraîche Coffee Cake This recipe, shared with us by Snowville Creamery’s owner Victoria Taylor, is to die for! It’s simple and comes out great with any fruit or berry combo. This is one of those deserts that always shows up at our company’s gatherings and everyone raves about. Give this a try for your next holiday dinner or family get together. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

A picture of golden egg noodles

Delicious and savory, these golden egg noodles are fragrantly seasoned with garlic, parsley, basil, chives, and lemon zest, using crème fraîche as a base for the sauce. It preps in 10 minutes and cooks in 5 with enough to feed 6. This may be your family’s new favorite dinner go-to!

Wrap Up

Crème fraîche is a versatile ingredient good for sweets and savory meals. Whether you’re just whipping it with some sweetener for a dessert topper, or putting together a gourmet experience, crème fraîche puts an extra bit of specialness in any meal with fewer added ingredients. Check out our store locator (Link) to find your nearest retailer selling Snowville Creamery’s crème fraîche.

Find more recipes and inspiration here!

Do you have any crème fraîche recipes you can share with us? We’d love to hear about them and taste for ourselves! Send us a message!

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