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5 Hoppin' Easter Recipes

Few things make memories, like spending time with family, eating delicious food. We’ve got some delicious recipes we know you’ll love for your spring spread this Easter! Whether you make them yourself or whip something up with a loved one, nobody is going home hungry this Easter!

Fresh Herb and Vegetable Dip

Bring out the veggie trays! This delicious dip reminds us of spring with its fresh green onions, chives, dill, and ranch flavoring. Go for Snowville Creamery’s 6% Plain Yogurt or a lower fat (but just as thick and creamy) 2% Low Fat Plain Yogurt. Make it in advance for a low-stress holiday snack or lunch paired with just about any veggie you can think of.

Deviled Eggs

What’s Easter without eggs? These scrumptious and savory eggs go fast at any holiday gathering. Better make a double (or triple!) batch! Our recipe has some zing with horseradish mustard, cayenne, and black pepper. Mixed with our creamy and tart Crème Fraîche, you’ll have people wondering what your secret is to the perfect deviled eggs.

Triple Smoked Au Gratin Potatoes

Move over mashed potatoes! Okay, we love mashed potatoes, too, but this au gratin recipe is to die for! The smoked paprika, salt, and gouda cheese give these buttery golden potatoes a smokehouse flavor. You can use Snowville Creamery’s Whole Milk or, for a creamier texture, Half & Half. Our crème fraîche adds another layer of richness, too. While the original recipe calls for panko breadcrumbs as part of the topping, you can also try trading out the breadcrumbs for Snowville Creamery’s crunchy cheese crisps.

Victoria's Custard

Still have some leftover eggs? Try this amazingly easy and delicious custard recipe from Snowville Creamery’s owner, Victoria Taylor. You only need to remember one number to commit this one to heart–2! As in 2 cups of Snowville Creamery’s whole milk, teaspoons of honey or sugar (or substitute for your sweetener of choice), and eggs! A dash of vanilla brings this recipe to perfection!

Truffles Au Chocolate

The kids have their Easter basket candy, but what about the adults? Snowville Creamery’s Truffles Au Chocolate to the rescue! With only four ingredients, you can whip up these chocolaty treats in advance with 20 minutes of prep. You’ll need Snowville Creamery’s heavy whipping cream, chopped dark chocolate, honey, and cocoa powder. You may even have fun with the kids’ help as you scoop and roll these. For more fun, you can make them a little more oval so they’re truffle Easter eggs!


Do you have more recipes that you love using Snowville Creamery products in? We’d love to taste them! Send us a message with your delicious creations! Not sure where to find the products listed in this article? Check out our Store Locator!

Happy Spring Feasting!

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