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5 Spooky Food Ideas for Halloween

A cup of choco mousse and tea biscuit gravestone and a skull with the Snowville Creamery logo and words 5 Spooky Good Halloween Recipes

Are you looking for the perfect recipe or inspiration for your Halloween parties and get-togethers? Maybe you just want something extra fun for the family for scary movie night or dinner on trick-or-treat night. Either way, Snowville Creamery has you covered with these 5 spooky good Halloween Recipes. (With one BONUS at the end!)

Choco Mousse Graves

We just love when we can find something fun that even the kids can help with! Plus, it's fun for those of us who are kids at heart. This homemade mousse is fantastic any time of year, but this twist on dirt and worms is perfect for Halloween! None of that box pudding, though! And with graves to decorate, you can have so much fun with cheeky, dad-joke-worthy epitaphs!

Coco Mousse Graves recipe and directions

Pumpkin Eggs

Break up some of that sweet with something savory and fun! Deviled eggs are one of those things that disappears from the table fast anyway. Why not put a fun and cute spin on these not-so-devilish morsels by making them look like little pumpkins? This is Snowville's favorite deviled egg recipe with a fun decorative twist for the season. Also great for harvest or even Thanksgiving parties!

Pumpkin Eggs recipe and instructions

Witches Brooms

These little treats are another perfect finger food for parties. Fringed cheese wrapped around pretzels with a bit of chive! Serve it with a full tray of meats, nuts, crackers, olives and more, decorated with creepy touches for a Halloween-themed charcuterie (char-spook-erie?) board!

Witches Brooms recipe and instructions

Jack-o'-lantern Peppers

It's Halloween or trick-or-treat night. What's for dinner? Well, you've carved your pumpkins. Why not carve out some delicious peppers for dinner! With adult supervision, these might be fun to include the kids for carving. Cheesy and savory, this hearty meal will be fun and filling!

Jack-o'-lantern peppers recipe and instructions

Caramel Parfaits

Served as breakfast or desert, these parfaits are all about the fall flavors with homemade caramel and Snowville Creamery Maple Yogurt. (Or you can go with plain or vanilla if preferred.) For that caramel apple vibe, you can add sliced apples or top with apple cinnamon grainola. This recipe is flexible for every taste!

Caramel Parfaits recipe and instructions

BONUS: Easiest Hot Cocoa EVER!

This hot cocoa, perfect for warming up after a night of trick-or-treating is excellent for not just Halloween, but you can give it a Halloween spin with how you top it. This recipe is so easy, it's almost cheating, which is why we included it as a bonus. Just grab a pint of Snowville's decadant chocolate milk, pour into your favorite mug, heat, and enjoy! Add toppings to make it extra special or themed to your party, like marshmallows, whipped cream, and graham cracker crumbles for a s'more hot cocoa! Drizzle strawberry syrup on the mug's edge for a bloody good treat! The options are limited only by your imagination!

Easiest Hot Cocoa bonus recipe, instructions, and optional add-ins

Wrap Up

We hope we gave you a few ideas for Halloween-themed deliciousness! This time of year, cooking and coming up with snacks doesn't have to be scary. It's fun that often can bring the family together!

Looking for more recipes? Visit our recipe page! Do you have an awesome recipe using Snowville Creamery products that you are willing to share with the world? We'd love to try our hand at making them, too! Send us your favorite recipe!

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