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Cheese, Please!

Five Advantages of Eating Cheese

Picture of Melted Cheese that says "Cheese, Please! Five Advantages of Eating Cheese"

Did you know cheddar cheese, originating in the town of Cheddar, is one of the oldest English cheeses? It came about in the 12th century, first recorded in 1170, where King Henry II purchased 4640 kg. (That's about 10,230 pounds!)

It's easy to see why this treat is fit for a king. Kids love it, it's easy to pack as a snack or on the go, and adding it to just about anything is sure to delight. Most people don't need an excuse to add cheese to their diets, but we rounded up five benefits to give you even more reason to nibble on cheddar cheese.

Tons of Calcium and Nutrient Dense

Picture of cheese with a shield emblem showing a bone and a plus symbol

Whenever we think of dairy, calcium comes to mind. It’s an essential mineral that helps with the function of skeletal and muscular systems in our bodies. Calcium can come from other plant sources like leafy greens, seeds, beans, and lentils, but some compounds in plant sources can block its absorption. In cheese and dairy sources, there’s nothing between you and that wonderful calcium.

But Calcium isn’t the only nutrient packed into cheese. It’s also an excellent source of Vitamin A, B2, B12, phosphorus, selenium, and Zinc. These might sound familiar if you’ve read our blog post Meet the Minerals (And Vitamins). (If not, check it out to find out why these minerals and vitamins are so beneficial.)

Lots of Protein

Cheese with shield symbol bearing a flexing arm and plus symbol

Cheddar is an excellent source of protein. That’s great, because protein makes you feel fuller and reduces food cravings. Higher protein fosters lean body mass and maintains lean mass during weight loss. As our bodies age, it becomes even more important to increase protein consumption. They just don’t absorb protein like they did when we’re younger.

Fermented Dairy Source

A heart made of cheese

There was a time when everybody thought fat was bad. Now we know that not all fats are created equal. Studies suggest that high fat dairy is neutral or even protective against some chronic diseases. Fermented, high-fat dairy has a beneficial effect on stroke risk and neutral effects for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. That may be in part because there’s also a lower risk of hypertension as dairy intake increases. Unless a person has a dairy allergy, which is rare, most people will see a reduction in inflammatory markers from increasing the amount of fermented dairy consumed.

Low on the Lactose

Cheese cubes with a meditating stomach

While cheese has lactose, the amount is only a tiny fraction compared to other dairy sources. This means those who can’t drink milk can often have cheddar with no side effects. This is because bacteria slowly consume the sugar (lactose) in cheese as it’s aging. Because of this, cheeses with a longer aging period like cheddar will be even better for those with sensitivities.

Diabetic and Ketogenic Friendly

Cheese with "Keto Friendly" logo and Diabetes Awareness ribbon

The ketogenic diet has been getting a lot of attention. Developed for epilepsy, the idea is to switch the body to ultra low carbohydrate consumption to get the body to use fat as a primary source for energy instead of carbohydrates. This leads to lots of weight loss but also amazing glucose control. It’s not right for everyone, but those who follow this way of eating will rejoice that Snowville Creamery’s cheddar cheese has zero carbs.

Even without the strict diets, it’s great for diabetics. Cheese has a lower glycemic index than milk and won’t increase blood sugar levels. Some studies even show that eating cheese may lower your risk of getting type two diabetes by 8%. (Bonus: eating yogurt every day can make it even lower!)


New studies are always ongoing to study the benefits of cheese, but the best benefit of all is its amazing versatility and taste! Snowville Creamery’s Raw Milk White Cheddar cheese is even better because it’s minimally processed and made with A2/A2 milk, ensuring it’s even easier to digest and takes advantage of nutrition by stripping nothing away.

You can find our cheese at many locations or request it from your favorite retailer. Hit us up with suggestions if you know a place you’d love to see it. Or, you can order it in your PJs from home to come right to your door across the U.S. It makes splendid gifts, fantastic for charcuterie, and only gets better with age. Visit our store locator to find a retailer or shop online to bring us to you!

Want to be inspired? See our recipes for delicious ideas!

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