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Whipped Feta Dip With Bagel Chips


Prep Time: 10 mins

Cook Time: 30 mins

Servings: 4-6

What You'll Need:

2 cups Snowville Creamery Plain 2% Yogurt

Roasted Garlic ( 1/2  a Head of Garlic,  or a Few Cloves ) or Garlic Powder

Fresh Ground Black Pepper

2 tbsp Dried Oregano or Fresh, Chopped

1 to 2 tbsp Hot  Sauce ( We Suggest Tabasco Chipotle Sauce or Green Jalapeño Sauce )

( Optional ) Fresh Basil, Chopped Finely

( Optional ) Fresh Chives or Green Onion

1 package Feta Cheese

Snowville Products

2% YO cutout.png

If choosing to use roasted garlic, peel the head of garlic and lay each individual clove of garlic on a foil-lined baking sheet. Drizzle garlic cloves in olive oil. Bake at 350 degrees F for approximately 20-30 minutes (or until golden brown).


Puree the ingredients in a food processor or blender. If too thick, periodically add a few tablespoons of water to the processor then puree again, until you reach your desired consistency. (We prefer a chunky consistency, simply mix ingredients by hand.)


Optional: warm dip in a glass pan, covered with foil, in a 350 degree F oven for 15-20 minutes.

Bagel Chips

Olive Oil

Bagels or Mini Bagels ( We Like Whole Wheat or Everything Bagels

Cumin, Salt, and Pepper Taste

Slice bagels thin on a mandolin or by hand. Lay flat on a sprayed sheet pan after tossing with olive oil and seasoning with cumin, salt, and pepper. Toast at 350 degrees F for 5 to 7 minutes (or until golden brown).

Whipped Feta Dip is also great served with fresh pita wedges or crispy pita chips, carrots, cucumber slices, red/green/yellow pepper slices, inside a large Hawaiian-bread loaf, etc. 

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