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Because You Deserve Better...

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Better for the cows.

Sunshine and exercise is good for all of us, and cows are no different! 

  • Cows are our partners, and making sure they're as happy & healthy as possible ensures the products they help produce are that way too!

  • We do not allow the presence of artificial growth hormones or antibiotics in our products.  Every load of milk is tested before its even allowed in the door!

  • Cows' physical fitness and well being are increased when they're allowed to move and graze at will.

Basically, we just want the cows to be cows - roaming and grazing and living as healthy, happy, and stress-free as possible.  The good life!

Better for the planet.

Our farmers practice sustainable and regenerative farming techniques that leave the soil and the Earth even better than they found it!

  • Cows and other grazing animals have been managing the landscapes of the Earth since the dawn of time.  Grazers are a huge part of the natural ecosystem, adding nutrients back into the soil, helping sequester carbon from the atmosphere, preventing soil erosion & runoff, and so much more.

  • All supplemental grain fed to the cows must be certified Non-GMO, because we don't want that stuff in our food, and we know you don't either!

  • Grass grazing builds soil and increases biodiversity for insects, pollinators, and other local wildlife.

  • The National Organic Standard allows for up to 30 pounds of grain to be fed per animal per day - Snowville farmers aim for less than half of that.

Less grain = less environmental impact!

Better for you.

Milk from grass grazed cows is higher in Omega 3s and conjugated linoleic acid (CLAs), plus it simply just tastes better!     -Check out this article from the Washington Post that compares our milk's CLA levels to national organic brands. 

Our farmers only raise cows that produce A2 protein in their milk, which has been found to be easier to digest. See what the scientists say!

Keeping our milk minimally processed ensures all it's naturally occurring nutrients and flavor remain intact. 

  • We flash pasteurize at the lowest legal temperature and time.

  • We do not homogenize, so cream rises to the top, because yum... and because that's the way Mother Nature made it! Why mess with a good thing!?

  • Rest assured, you'll never find unnecessary and harmful ingredients like thickeners, preservatives, or anything artificial in our products.​


Why we do what we do.

Since its inception, the mission of Snowville Creamery has been to provide you with the freshest, most pure, and delicious dairy products possible.

  Before Snowville, we were customers too, and were disappointed by the lack of fresh and delicious dairy products available on our store shelves. Luckily, we had neighbors who were "doing it right - grass grazing, farming and raising their herd sustainably, and the milk was like nothing we had ever tasted.  We knew we had to get this to stores without processing the goodness out of it..

...and Snowville Creamery was born...

​Click here to learn more about our sustainability efforts. Find Snowville products near you.

Thank You

for Being a Part of the Food Revolution With Us!

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Apr 08, 2022

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I love this.

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