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5 Great Picnic Ideas

Head outdoors with these delicious picnic ideas!

Picnic basket and blanket on the grass with the Snowville Creamery logo and title

The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and nature is calling us to get outdoors! Whether it be a get together with lots of family at a park, at the beach, hiking in a national or state park, there are tons of beautiful spaces that make for great picnic spots!

Snowville's got your back with these 5 great picnic ideas!

Crackers and Snowville Creamery No Lac Pepper Jack cheese


Take your charcuterie on the go with cheese, meats, fruits, and veggies! They're finger foods, so no worries about packing utensils as long as you pre-slice everything. Depending on temperatures and preferences, this one can also be cooler-free, since cheese doesn't require refrigeration. (You only need to be mindful of melting, which just makes a mess.) Want to make it extra fun? Get the kids involved or pack it in some fun and interesting way. Small tackle boxes or bead sorters gotten from dollar stores can make for fun storage. Pack it in a mason jar (just be careful of breakage!) for jarcuterie!

Snowville Creamery Cheddar Crisps with a small bowl of guacamole

Cheese Crunch

Get the crunch of a chip without the carbs and a boost of protein to keep you fueled! A bag of Snowville's Cheddar Crisps is great on its own, but easily elevated with dips like guacamole! They're also great on sandwiches for a cheesy crunch! Take along a pack of pepperoni and a squeeze bottle of marinara, and you can make tiny pizza bites with the crisps.

Or, how about a fancy snack mix with your crunchy favorites like pretzels, sesame sticks, or caramel corn? Have the kids pick out their favorites and build your own for a mix that you'll be grabbing handfuls of on your whole outing!

A salad on a picnic table with shredded cheese and cheese crisps

Greens Among the Greenery

Take all your favorite ingredients for a salad, pack into a non-breakable container and have a salad! Any of Snowville Creamery's cheeses are great toppers (and don't need refrigerated!) and you could use Cheddar Crisps in place of croutons. If you're feeling creative, you can also try making Victoria's Green Goddess Dressing that features a few simple ingredients such as avocado, yogurt, garlic powder, and salt & pepper to taste. Check it out in our previous winter cookbook!

Sub sandwiches with different meats, lettuce, tomato, and White Cheddar

Mini Sub Sandwiches

Satisfy the whole family with these little sandwiches! Take a small variety of your favorite cold cut meats, sliced Snowville Creamery cheeses, and a few veggies and let everyone build their own sub sandwich! Making them on little hoagie rolls makes it not only more fun, but hand-held size for eating on the go!

Snowville Creamery Chocolate Milk on a picnic blanket

Fresh Fuel

This will definitely require a cooler, but many research studies show chocolate milk is a superior rehydration and recovery drink over water and sports drinks. Why? It's packed full of nutrition and protein. Read more about it here! And Snowville Creamery's chocolate milk has more protein than your average chocolate milk thanks to our nano-filtration processes. A full 18 grams! That'll keep you nice and full! It also tastes like melted ice cream, so it's a great dessert for helping refuel after all that hiking, swimming, and playing!

The Wrap Up

No matter how you choose to play outdoors, keeping your body fueled is key to a great day! Protein-rich foods will keep you full and help your body recover from all that fun you're having outside! Want to have your cheese sent right to your door or sent to a friend or loved one for their incredible outdoor adventures? You can do that here! Or find your local retailer carrying your Snowville favorites to grab some today!

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